Selecao Insignia 01 Seleção No. 1
Daiju Mononobe
物部 大樹
Biographical info

August 15, 2011 (?)

Physical info


Eye colour


Hair colour


Political info



ATO Institution


Bureaucrat (formerly)
Corporate executive

Anime info

I Picked Up a Prince

Voiced by

Atsushi Miyauchi (Japanese)
John Gremillion (English)

Daiju Mononobe (物部 大樹 Mononobe Daiju?) is Seleção No. 1 and is one of the main antagonists of Eden of the East. A former bureaucrat, he has connections to many of the political leaders in Japan. He maneuvers to become an executive (CEO in the TV series English dub) of the ATO Institution.

He brings Akira to the ATO headquarters and reveals more information about his past with the hopes of recruiting him to his side. His ambition is not only to win the game, but to replace Mr. Outside himself as he assumes Mr. Outside is dead. According to him, Japan is in a state of apathy caused by the economic prosperity it has obtained since the end of World War II, and the strong political influence from countries like the United States into their society, thus he plans to "save" the country by rallying the population with a wide scale terrorist attack. However, Akira and the NEETs recruited by him managed to foil his plans, first with Careless Monday, and then by countering the missiles at the end of the regular TV series.

In the King of Eden movie, he uses the Japanese police Public Security Dept to investigate the Eden of the East group, which has been involved with Akira Takizawa's activities. Using his connections with the government, he intends to pass a "100% Inheritance Tax Bill" in order to combat Akira's plan with the NEETs. In Paradise Lost, he reveals that he plans to overthrow the current government and install a more powerful one at the cost of individual freedom. After his memory is wiped when Mr. Outside ends the game, Mononobe crashes his car after being shot at by a crazed Yuuki. It is unknown whether he survives or not.

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