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Higashi no Eden (translation: Eden of the East), besides being the title of the anime series and novel, is the title of a web site run by a group of NEET entrepreneurs. It is a highly advanced image recognition search engine.

Their company was initially used for recycling objects, and the search engine was used to find uses for old junk. Eventually it expanded into a dating site as well, and eventually something that could save the nation.


Eden of the East started out as a small recycling group, but has quickly turned into a springboard for a successful commercial website, thanks to Micchon's revolutionary image recognition engine that resides in the Eden website and Saki's ability to improve the value of any item, including junk. Soon, the site's ability to work on phones attracted many people as members, inclusive of students. It has also grown into a popular matchmaking site.

Notable members include:


Saki Morimi (森美 咲 Morimi Saki?)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)
Saki is in her last year in university. She is 22 years old, born on January 6, 1989. After her parents died she lived with her married elder sister and her baby. She visited New York City as part of her graduation trip with her friends and after visiting Washington D.C. alone, she meets Akira Takizawa, who helped her out when she threw a coin in the grounds of the White House and is questioned by the police. After realizing that she'd left her passport in the coat she gave to Akira, she follows him and then decides to go back with him to Tokyo, Japan. She plans to work in the company that her brother-in-law used to work for, because she is ashamed of living off their money. She could only go to college with the aid of her sister and her brother-in-law. Her ability to enhance the value of junk items has been one of the main reasons for Eden's success.



  • Kazuomi Hirasawa (平澤 一臣 Hirasawa Kazuomi?), the de facto leader of Eden of the East. His ultimate goal is to create a paradise for NEETs. He is voiced by Motoyuki Kawahara in Japanese and by J. Michael Tatum in English;


  • Mikuru Katsuhara (葛原 みくる Katsuhara Mikuru?), nicknamed "Micchon" (みっちょん Micchon?), a shy and frank girl who is a very talented programmer and is the one who programmed the Eden of the EastTemplate:'s image recognition system. Also Hirasawa's cousin. She is voiced by Ayaka Saitō in Japanese and by Stephanie Sheh in English;