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Yūutsu na Getsuyōbi

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April 16, 2009

Melancholic Monday (憂鬱な月曜日 Yūutsu na Getsuyōbi?) is the second episode of the Eden of the East anime television series. It aired on April 16, 2009.


After they arrive in Tokyo, Akira confesses to Saki that he has no memory before they met in Washington. Saki goes along with Akira to help him track the address mentioned as his residence on his passport. On the phone Juiz tells Akira that it is his responsibility to spend 8.2 billion yen that the phone is charged with. Meanwhile Kondō is tracking Akira by the places Akira is using the phone for payments. Akira walks up to Kondō and starts a conversation with him after he notices that both of them have the same cell phone. Kondō questions him about Selecao, but Akira does not remember anything.


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Whilst Akira and Saki travel on the boat, Saki talks about and shows pictures of famous places she visited whilst in New York to Akira. She tells him of a visit to Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue (though she didn't buy anything), shows him a picture of Time's Square and remarks about going to see the stage production of The Lion King, and briefly mentions going to see Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. When she shows him a picture of her and her friends on the Brooklyn Bridge, he makes reference to the 2001 film Kate & Leopold starring Meg Ryan in which a "time tunnel", as he puts it, to the 19th century forms near the bridge.

Akira then inquires as to the identity of a building in one of Saki's photos, and she tells him that it is the "Freedom Tower" (now known as the 'One World Trade Center' in reality). Of course, in reality, the tower is still under construction, but for the purposes of the anime (or perhaps the over-optimism of its creators) it will be completed by at least sometime in late 2010/early 2011. Saki then states that she had wanted to see "Ground Zero", the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorism attacks, and the two briefly discuss the event, with Saki saying that she feels like she "should never forget what happened". Sub-textually the viewer is given the impression that the two are drawing parallels between 9/11 and the missile attack that occurred in Tokyo just before their return, and this is enforced by Akira's taking of a photo of the two of them together with one of the craters as the backdrop and dubbing it "Ground Zero".

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