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Reito Shō no Yoru ni

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April 23, 2009

On the Night of the Late Show (レイトショーの夜に Reito Shō no Yoru ni?) is the third episode of the Eden of the East anime television series. It aired on April 23, 2009.


Akira and Saki arrived at the building which address was written in Akira's passport. It turns out to be an abandoned Shopping mall. After they looked around , Saki is watching a movie in the mall cinema. Meanwhile Kondo followed Akira and Saki and enters the building too. After he finds him in the movie instructor's room, he beats him up and takes Akira's cellphone. Unfortunately Juiz tells him that the cellphone works only with fingerprint authorization and his efforts are in vain.

He then gets a call from Akira and after he was told that he's got his notepad they decide to meet up in the Kabuki district. There Kondo is stabbed with a knife by his wife because he cheated on her. When Akira arrives, Kondo tells him to track down the other Selecao members and to be wary of the organization. Aside from Takizawa and Kondo, there are ten other Selecao members with 10 billion yen to spend each, with the catch that if any of them had their money count drop to zero, they will be killed. Before dying, Kondo believes that Selecao arranged his death by leaking evidence of his affair to his wife.


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