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True Reality, False Reality
Eden episode 4
Akira learning about the rules of the Selecao game
Eden of the East TV series

リアルな現実 虚構の現実


Riaru na Genjitsu Kyokō no Genjitsu

Original air date

April 30, 2009

True Reality, False Reality (リアルな現実 虚構の現実 Riaru na Genjitsu Kyokō no Genjitsu?) is the fourth episode of the Eden of the East anime television series. It aired on April 30, 2009.


Following Kondo's advice, Akira goes to track down the other Selecao members. He eventually manages to find Selecao 5: Hajime Hiura, who is an influential brain surgeon. Hiura at first suspects Akira to be the Supporter, the Selecao tasked to observe the other Selecao members and to punish them if they break any of the rules. After being assured Akira is not the Supporter, Hiura tells him about Selecao. It is an organization run by Mr. Outside, an enigmatic individual who chose twelve individuals, and gave them ten billion yen each with the condition to use the money to save Japan. If the Selecao members refuse, run out of money, or act in a manner unbecoming of a "messiah", then they are to be eliminated by the Supporter. Shortly after Akira leaves, Hiura is confronted by the Supporter since he had run out of money.


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The "older youth movie" mentioned is Quadrophenia (as Akira rightly remembers), a 1979 British Film based upon the eponymous album and rock opera by 'The Who', starring Phil Daniels as Jimmy, who is the troubled youth (I believe Akira refers to him as having been "in despair") that drives his scooter off a cliff in Brighton at the end. The road worker in the episode draws a parallel between this and Akira's actions on the bridge.

Whilst the corpse like 'Johnnies' that Akira sees in his hallucination perhaps seemed like some obscure reference to something, apparently they are representative of the NEETs he sent away. The reason they are referred to as 'Johnnies' is simply to tie in with the humorous motif of the word 'Johnny' that runs throughout the series.

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