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June 18, 2009

The East That Goes On (さらにつづく東 Sara ni Tsuzuku Higashi?) is the eleventh and final episode of the Eden of the East anime television series. It aired on June 18, 2009.


Saki and Micchon return to the multiplex, which has been invaded by the 20,000 NEETs. Saki explains to Eden that Takizawa recruited the NEETs to help evacuate citizens before Careless Monday, disguised as government personnel. However, in order to cover his involvement, Takizawa took responsibility for Careless Monday and shipped the NEETs to Dubai for three months to keep them out of the public eye. Out of guilt and despair for what had happened, Takizawa erased his memories. After analyzing the data, Eden discovers that the missiles are targeted all over Japan, including the multiplex. Takizawa then contacts all of the NEETs and tells them he has arranged a bigger missile attack, and instructs them to figure out the best way to intercept the missiles and upload it to Eden.

EotE E11 F-15J

F-15Js organized by Juiz to intercept the missiles

Using the NEETs' collective knowledge, Juiz organizes a network of F-15 jet fighters and Patriot missile launchers to intercept the missiles. Everybody, including Itazu and the remaining Seleçãos look on as the missiles are destroyed. Knowing that this event will be much harder to cover up than Careless Monday, Takizawa instructs Juiz to use all of his remaining money to make him "King of Japan". His reasoning is that there are many smart people in Japan, but none of them are willing to bear the responsibility of leadership, so it is up to him to take it. In order to become King, Takizawa uses his phone to brainwash himself and he slips it into Saki's pocket. The episode ends with Saki contemplating what will happen to Japan now that Takizawa is a King.


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  • "easter eggs"
  • That's way the bessett answer so far!

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • "Bang!"
  • The English song played at the end of Episode 11 is "Reveal the World" by Brenda Vaughn
  • The ending credits has a collection of clips throughout the series, with the original ending behind it.


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